6 to 15 July - Laurette Theatre



Dealing with the questions of immigration, identity and the community, Life, Sentence plays with the musicality of languages.

Director Laurence Dollander, a Clapham resident, adds faces to the voices from her neighbourhood, asking “do our conceptions match what is really happening?" This project superimposes interviews with 'real' people on a narrative unfolding on stage. It reflects on how communities evolve and integrate waves of immigrants revealing social and political issues. It targets preconceptions by looking at individual journeys.



Writer/Director - Laurence Dollander

Designer - Marco Turcich

Sound Engineer - Oisin O'Regan

Video - Laurence Dollander

Video Assistant - Gabriela Sandoval

Cello - Sergio Serra


Special thanks

Marius Angenica, Ayse Artun, Paloma Belaunde, Emma Brierley, Amel Day, Jill Dicker-Solderer, Carmina Dragusin, Ausra Drigotiene, Francesca Gioacchini, Margareta Lilija, Marila Perez Pantin, Jane Riordan, Sergio Serra and Simi Treanor