Why do we do what we do?

Why do we live where we live?

Why do we love who we love?

What are our choices?


Life : Sentence follows two women’s lives and other human trajectories bringing together people from all over the world in one community of London, reflecting on how to find (and provide) a space within society.

A life shared in sentences.

This is a show about the people of London; a place where everyone is from somewhere else. Therefore a show about all of us.

Laurence Dollander puts faces on the voices from her neighbourhood superimposing projected interviews with a narrative unfolding on stage. This multimedia piece plays with the musicality of languages integrating French and English with Spanish, Turkish, Lithanian, Serbo-Croate, Italian, Hindi, Romanian and more.


'Genuinely moving' - La Provence


With Anwen Hughes-Roberts and Laurence Dollander


Writer/Director - Laurence Dollander

Designer - Marco Turcich

Sound Engineer - Oisin O'Regan

Video - Laurence Dollander

Video Assistant - Gabriela Sandoval

Cello - Sergio Serra



Special thanks

Marius Angenica, Ayse Artun, Paloma Belaunde, Emma Brierley, Amel Day, Jill Dicker-Solderer, Carmina Dragusin, Ausra Drigotiene, Francesca Gioacchini, Margareta Lilija, Marila Perez Pantin, Jane Riordan, Sergio Serra and Simi Treanor




the moon is the sun of the night


What does it mean to be successful in life?


The Moon is the Sun of the Night uses music as a metaphor to question the choices we make and the ones which are made for us. It is an interdisciplinary documentary theatre piece about education, growing up and ultimately our constant search for happiness.

Entirely original, the work interweaves live music and dialogues with projected interviews.




Music/dialogues improvised and performed by Laurence Dollander and Sergio Serra

Set - Nikoletta Katsamperi

Lights - Marco Turcich

Sound - Oisin O'Regan

Created and directed by Laurence Dollander


                                                  Recommended by



'A beautifully nuanced multimedia meditation on childhood and creativity'

'The thinking person's antidote to Whiplash'

Pete Brooks - Imitating the Dog


'The Moon is the Sun of the Night creates a sensory collage, impressionistic while being intellectually, emotionally and aesthetically engaging. The music is exquisite, the children are captivating.'

Camden Voyeur





This piece was originally part of a promenade performance entitled Pinning Butterflies; the result of a collaboration between The Royal Albert Hall, Central Saint Martins and a community group working around the theme of Madame Butterfly.

It deals with the representation of love and loss through everyday gestures and the use of objects.


Voices - Pat Phillips, Barbara Warner, Linda Rice and Joyce Dodd

Oboe - Laurence Dollander

Created and directed by Laurence Dollander





An immersive installation which reflects on depression and struggling to move on. Based on the short-story A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner, it depicts the life of a lonely woman by letting the audience explore her home whilst the accompanying soundtrack exposes her inner conflicts.

Director - Laurence Dollander

Designer - Nikoletta Katsamperi

Original composition - Laurence Dollander

Special effects - Elinor McMahon

Sound - Katrin Reshetnikova