The Moon is the Sun of the Night

What does it mean to be successful in life?

The Moon is the Sun of the Night uses music as a metaphor to question the choices we make and the ones which are made for us. It is an interdisciplinary documentary theatre piece about education, growing up and ultimately our constant search for happiness.

This show deals with one of the fundamental parental dilemmas of whether to push a child to succeed, or to teach them to enjoy each days as it comes.

Entirely original, the work interweaves live music and dialogues with projected interviews.

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'A beautifully nuanced multimedia meditation on childhood and creativity'

'The thinking person's antidote to Whiplash'

Pete Brooks - Imitating the Dog


The Moon is the Sun of the Night creates a sensory collage, impressionistic while being intellectually, emotionally and aesthetically engaging. The music is exquisite, the children are captivating.

Camden Voyeur



Music/dialogues - Laurence Dollander and Sergio Serra

Set - Nikoletta Katsamperi

Lights - Marco Turcich

Sound - Oisin O'Regan

Video - Laurence Dollander

Created and directed by Laurence Dollander